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Houston Wrought Iron Fencing

Bottom rail – The horizontal piece that runs along the bottom of a fence.

Cantilever slide gate – A cantilever slide gate is a counter-balanced horizontal slide gate that lacks a top or bottom support within the gate's opening.

Center stop – A center stop is the hardware that receives and supports the drop bar on a double gate.

Drop bar – A drop bar, or drop rod, is a component of a double gate latch assembly.

Frame hinge – Hardware that attaches to the gate frame. It works with the post hinge, allowing the gate swing open and closed.

Gate holdback – Also called a gate keeper, a gate holder is the hardware used to receive and hold the gate open.

Gate latch – A gate lactch is used to secure the gate in place when it is closed.

Gate opening – The gate opening is the clear space between a gate's posts.

Intermediate rail – Also called a middle rail, an intermediate rail is a horizontal piece that runs continuously at any point between the top and bottom of the fence.

Polymer coating – PVC, polyester, and other polymers used for coating fences.

Post cap – Post caps are fittings placed on top of fence posts to keep water out or add a decorative element.

Scroll – Scrolls are ornamental pieces placed on top of gates.

Top rail – The horizontal piece that runs along the top of a fence.

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