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Fencing FAQs

Why should I choose wrought iron fencing over other fencing materials?

As with most home improvement projects, choosing a fencing material is often a matter of personal preference. Wrought iron fences are among the most beautiful choices you can make. Wrought iron is also quite versatile with styles that range from old-fashioned and charming to contemporary and unique.

What is the difference between a wrought iron fence and a steel fence?

Though wrought iron was a specific type of iron widely used up until the 1920s, modern smelting processes led to better steel alloys. Today, wrought iron and steel fences are generally the same thing with both options being made from A36 carbon steel. However, the term "wrought iron" is often used to designate steel that has been "wrought" by hand or machine or that has some decorative elements involved. Therefore, a steel fence with twists, curves, or decorative elements might be described as wrought iron while one with straight rails and no decoration might be called a steel fence.

Which type of fence is right for a historic home?

This would depend on the home, its architectural style, and its time period. Even then, choosing the "right" type of fence could also come down to personal taste. Depending on your neighborhood and the home's historical significance, you may have to conform to neighborhood or historical guidelines.

Can I get a wrought iron fence in a color other than black?

Absolutely! While black is popular, wrought iron fencing can be designed and fabricated in virtually any color you'd like.

Do you offer ornamental iron accents as well as fencing?

Our designers will be happy to create a complete wrought iron fencing solution for your home including accent pieces.

I would like a gate for my driveway, but I don't want to get out and open and close when I come and go. Are gate openers reliable?

We offer a number of gate controllers with our driveway gates, each of which has been selected by us because it meets our high standards for quality. One of those standards involves reliability.

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